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There is something very special about a November Sky... ©

Every November, right outside our studio door at the end of a clear day, the sky is filled with a burst of spectacular color. Rich hues of orange, red and even deep burgundy fill the western sky.  This was the inspiration for our line of

November Sky Jewelery ©

Each piece of November Sky Jewelry © is as unique as a sunset. The colors may wash over the piece boldly with reds dominating, or several shades of orange may be present.  A pair of earrings may seem identical, or the colors may flow across each piece and recast just as a changing sunset flows across the sky.  The rich colors compliment the warmth of the high polished copper, and the brass accent completes the picture of a horizon at sunset.  These colors will not change; they occur with the extreme heat of our torch.  The pieces are lacquered with two coats of industrial lacquer, and with care you should enjoy your jewelry for years.